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Fall 2021 Fundraiser


50 million children and families cannot afford the meals they need. Our donation plan this Fall is to support FEEDING AMERICA. Every $1 you donate will provide 3 meals for those facing hunger.






September – November 2021: Toy Drive

Yay! Back to school in-person! We had collected toys for 2 months since back-to-school, and finally made a meaningful donation in November 2021 to Goodwill Greater Washington at 4816 Boiling Brook Pkwy., Rockville, MD 20852. 


Christmas 2020 – 3rd Food Drive

Collected canned food from the community, checked and packed them, and donated to Maryland Food Bank.


Thanksgiving 2020 – Computer Drive-Thru

The longer school kids are virtual learning, the more needy families who can’t afford the devices for their children. We created a computer drive-thru for parents to pick up a WiFi capable computer free of charge. 


<— Getting Ready:

Our team repaired/wiped/refurbished the used computers following professional tech steps.

December 2020 – Toy Donation

Donated to virtual toy drive of La Clinica del Pueblo.






August 2020 – 2nd Food Drive

Another round of successful food drive, donated to Maryland Food Bank.



April 2020 – 1st Food Drive

The pandemic hit suddenly. People who face hunger are increased from 35 to 50 million.  




January 5, 2020

“Pick Your Tech” New Year Event. 15 kids/8 families attended. 23 technology devices got claimed.